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Learn To Play a/k/a "Little Knights"

Little Knights Learn to Play

Does your son/daughter wants to play ice hockey? Learning the proper way to ice skate is the first step for your beginning player. St. Jude Hockey Club's Little Knights Program embraces the American Development Model (ADM) for teaching boys and girls how to play hockey. We're proud to continue our 60 plus year tradition of developing young players by offering 3 convenient sessions during the 2020-2021 hockey sessions.

There will be 3 sessions offered for the 2020-21 hockey season. 

Session 1 -  9/26 - 11/22

Session 2 - 12/5 - 3/14

Session 3 - Spring  TBD


Ready to Join St. Jude's Little Knights program?

Click the word 'Register' below to being the registration process.  At the bottom of the first information page, you will be given the opportunity to either login, if you already have an NGIN account, or create a new account.

2020 Fall Little Knights Session 1 ($425)

Date Time Session Rink
9/26/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
9/27/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
10/2/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
10/3/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
10/4/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
10/9/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
10/10/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
10/11/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
10/16/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
10/17/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
10/18/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
10/23/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
10/24/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
10/25/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
10/30/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
10/31/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
11/1/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
11/6/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
11/7/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
11/8/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
11/13/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
11/14/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
11/20/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
11/21/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
11/22/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA

2020 Winter Little Knights Session 2 (12 weeks)

Date Time Session Rink
12/5/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
12/6/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
12/11/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
12/12/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
12/13/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
12/18/2020 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
12/19/2020 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
12/20/2020 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
1/8/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
1/9/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
1/10/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
1/22/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
1/23/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
1/24/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
1/29/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
1/30/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
1/31/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
2/5/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
2/6/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
2/7/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
2/12/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
2/13/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
2/14/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
2/19/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
2/20/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
2/21/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
2/26/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
2/27/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
2/28/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
3/6/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
3/7/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
3/8/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA
3/12/2021 6:00-7:10pm ADM SIA
3/13/2021 9:10-10:20am ADM SIA
3/14/2021 9:20-10:30am ADM SIA

The flowchart below shows player progression for learning to skate to playing recreational/competitive hockey as part of a team.


How do I register my player for a session? Registration is done via our website at  If you have any questions about the program or need help registering, please contact Shannon Gutkowski.  Please note your child must have 2020-2021 USA Hockey Insurance to participate, please click here to register with USA Hockey.

Where are the classes and how much ice time is there per session? The schedule for session 1 is listed above.  All ice sessions are at Southwest Ice Arena (SIA) in Crestwood, IL.  Session times/dates are subject to change due to ice availability.

What equipment will my player need to participate in the Little Knights Learn to Play program?   All Little Knights players must have full hockey equipment including: helmet, neck guard, shoulder/chest protector, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin guards, sweater socks, gloves and, of course, hockey skates.  Players will not be allowed on the ice if they do not have a neck guard.  Additionally, many players like to have a mouth guard secured to their helmet so it does not fall out on the ice if they spit it out.  If you unfamiliar with any of the equipment, please contact Shannon Gutkowski and she will help direct you to a good source for it.  Equipment (excluding skates and neck guard) is available to rent, but limited to very small sizes.  Please contact Shannon Gutkowski for more information on rentals.  All players will be required to purchase a reversible St. Jude jersey for $35.  One jersey will last each player all the winter 2020-2021 sessions.  If your player has a  reversible jersey from last season that still fits, they do not need to purchase another.

Who may participate? The St. Jude Little Knights Learn to Play program is open to boys and girls born in 2017 through 2010 who have successfully completed a Learn to Skate program.

What are you teaching? The Knights Coaching Staff subscribes to the American Development Model of instruction based on the foundation of play, love, and excel. Learn the basics in their simplest form- fun. If they’re having the fun, the excelling part is easy.

I am not familiar with the USA Hockey ADM model.  Where can I learn more?  Additional information on the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM) can be found at .  The St. Jude organization won 2011 Program of the Year from the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (AHAI).




Need More Info?

For more information on the Little Knights Learn to Play program, please contact Shannon Gutkowski.

Shannon Gutkowski

Little Knights Coordinator